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Ableton Live Course

(8 sessions x 1.5 hour = 12 hours)

Course Cost : $400

A complete hands-on course with advice for installing Abelton software and MIDI hardware. Step by step practical tuition for producing the music of your choice.

– Introduction to Abelton Live, overview of software interface, equipment needed for using with Abelton Live, overview of Instruments and effects, setting up your first MIDI controller.

– How to start building a track from scratch, how to edit a track, extend or modify & change the tempo, how to make a mash-up, how to remix a track.

– Setting up your first Audio Interface, fundamental controls and set-up, how to load Samples, knowing and sorting out your Instruments and effects, loading your Plugins/ VSTs

– Creating your first MIDI loop, how to Warp or Loop a track, how to Chop and Slice a loop, how to use the Sampler, introduction to Audio Effects Rack

– Creating a drum track, how to use the Compressor and Sidechain, a Limiter, a Filter, Auto Pan, a Gate, Grain delay and Ping Pong delay; how to use Utility Effect Wide Function, a Drum Sampler, Operator/Reverb/ Vocoder basics

– Producing your own track on Abelton Live, mixing a track and mastering a track