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Advanced DJ Course


12 sessions x 1.5 hours = 18 hours

+ 4 Hours Practice

Course Cost : $350

This course is for trainees who view DJ-ing as a serious hobby and want to turn it into a career. As well as learning the technical aspects of creating an exciting mix and showing the flexibility to cater for different audiences, trainees are coached in all aspects of the hospitality and entertainment industry.

– RECORDING MIXES: Trainees learn how to record their mix, and are taught how this can be one of the most successful ways of getting work.

– REINFORCEMENT OF DJ’ING TECHNIQUES: Continued refinement of all skills learnt in Beginner & Intermediate courses.

– ADVANCED MIXING TECHNIQUES: 3 Decks, harmonious mixing, FX, accapellas, mash-ups etc.

– PROMOTING YOURSELF: There are many ways to promote yourself as a Dj. Trainees will be shown the best ways to upload their music and use social media to get themselves heard.

– THE INS & OUTS OF THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY: We will also provide the student with Industry knowledge to build a fan base and elevate themselves above the competition. Students will also learn to understand the difference between Nightclub Managers and Nightclub Promoters, their needs and more importantly what they are looking for in a DJ.

– HOW TO GET NOTICED: Trainees are shown how to make contacts and how they can get work. And importantly, how much and how they can get paid.

CDJA will make use of its extensive network of industry contacts to help trainees get a head start and find paid work.