Cambodia DJ Academy

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Cambodia DJ Academy

CDJA is a new Cambodia based NGO offering free DJ courses to underprivileged Cambodian youths.

Our goal is to bring know-how and energy to Cambodia’s burgeoning electronic music scene and to offer a real opportunity for Cambodian music lovers to learn technical and marketing skills related to the hospitality industry.

Courses take place in our Phnom Penh studio kindly hosted by KTH Power Mall using the latest equipment supplied by our partner Pioneer DJ.

Our courses are conducted by working professional DJ’s with many years experience at all levels within the national and international entertainment industry.

Tourism accounts for ten percent of Cambodia’s gross national product and is growing year on year with 3 million visitors in 2012. More than 50% of the population is less than 25 years old and imparting productive skills to young Cambodians is key to the country’s growth. CDJA’s courses give underprivileged youths an opportunity to play a part in their country’s future, acquiring lifelong skills related to the entertainment industry in a fun and creative way.

Admittedly not all trainees will end up working as professional DJs or in the entertainment industry, but by attending our courses they will acquire lifelong skills which can only benefit their professional future, such as:

– Becoming familiar with state of the art technology and using the latest hardware and software with confidence.

– A great opportunity to meet and interact with professionals from other parts of the world.

– Self-development in terms of motivation, communication, concentration and learning transferable skills.

– The chance to indulge their creativity, have fun in the process and increase their awareness that hobbies and creative activities can be turned into a viable career path, even in a developing country such as Cambodia.

– An extra item on their CV, with a diploma for completing the course successfully.

To meet our running costs we also offer paid courses to International Schools and anyone wishing to learn to mix music. This provides an opportunity to learn fun and creative skills whilst also contributing to a good cause.