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Our Courses

Beginner. 8 weeks x 1.5 hours = 12 hours

An introduction to mixing music, the course is tailor-made for each individual trainee. As well as becoming familiar with the equipment and basic skills, trainees are encouraged to bring their favourite music and are introduced to different genres of beats and sounds.

By the end of the course trainees will have covered:

– Course introduction – Equipment overview/showcase
– Using Digital Midi Controllers
– Mixing and beat-matching
– How to use and mix different formats (CDs, USB, laptop etc.)
– Mixing techniques: EQ, Gain, Control etc.

Intermediate. 8 weeks x 1.5 hours = 12 hours

The core of this course is to reinforce the knowledge and skills acquired in the Beginner course. At this stage trainees are familiar with the equipment and basic skills,  ready to experiment further, have fun and unleash their musical creativity!

Skills covered:
– Set Building/Music Programming
– Digital Techniques, Samples/Loops/FX
– Basic scratching techniques

Advanced. 12 weeks x 1.5 hours = 18 hours

This course is for trainees who view DJ-ing as a serious hobby and want to turn it into a career. As well as learning the technical aspects of creating an exciting mix and showing the flexibility to cater for different audiences, trainees are coached in all aspects of the hospitality and entertainment industry.

– Reinforcing intermediate skills
– Recording your DJ Mixes
– Sync and Harmonic mixing styles
– Promoting yourself, the ins and outs of the entertainment industry